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After about a year of reconstruction, the nostalgic First World Indoor Theme Park has now been reinvented into a glitzy, bright and colourful indoor entertainment centre for families and friends alike. Now called Skytropolis Funland Indoor Theme Park that attracts excited visitors in droves, 13 rides are already opened since December 2018, while nine more rides are slated to open in the later part of 2019.

Costing MYR200 million to build, this theme park sits on four levels, covering 400,000 square feet of the building with other attractions such as The VOID, Big Top Video Game Park and the much-anticipated, soon to be released Imaginatrix section that blends the thrills of physical rides and virtual reality together. Imaginatrix is said to be opened in July 2019.

Here is a short guide on what you can do at Skytropolis Funland Indoor Theme Park this new year:


Family and Children Rides

Divided into three categories (Family, Child, and Thrill), Skytropolis Funland caters to diverse visitors. Start slow and smooth by riding the Royal Carousel, a majestic double-storey carousel embellished with carved horses and chariots that go around gently. For smaller children, head to the miniature version of the merry-go-round at the Ride ‘Em Round.

Then amp up the speed gradually by riding the Balloon Race that provides multiple fast, spinning motions that is enjoyable for adults and children. For those who prefer easy going rides, there are about five more attractions available in the two categories mentioned above, giving them plenty of options.

Thrill Rides

For thrill seekers, this specific category will bring back smile onto your face (and possibly your last breakfast too). Try out the Sky Towers ride for a great view of the indoor theme park from a jaw-dropping height. Then scream your lungs out as it plummets towards the floor at extreme speeds. This big drop ride is particularly interesting because the twinning towers go on similar speed and pace.

Then hop onto the Spin Crazy, a ride that disorients you with a 360-degree loop from its axis in a dizzying twirl that would surely boost up your adrenaline levels to the extreme. Be sure to hold on properly when riding this because you might get some leftover dizziness after the ride if you don’t.

Then do try out the Bumper Boss, which is essentially a bumper car ride. Let off the remaining weekday stress by bumping harshly onto other miniature cars in a rampant drive that has literally no rules. Unleash your inner child and go bumping into strangers for fun!



All rides are pay-per-ride at RM10 (weekdays) and RM15 (weekends). Those who intend to try all the of the rides within Skytropolis Funland Indoor Theme Park should purchase the Preview Pass that allows visitors unlimited access to all available rides at the cost of RM60. Furthermore, save up to 24% through the Saver Combo packages by checking out


Skytropolis Funland Indoor Themepark

The VOID provides a hype-realistic experience to its participants (image from The VOID Facebook)

For tech nerds, Skytropolis offers the opportunity to step into the hyperreality gaming experience through cutting edge technologies, allowing them to live in the moment as one of the characters of the game. Remember Ready, Player One? Well, with custom virtual reality (VR) technology that is immersive and irresistibly engaging, we might be closer to the future that the science-fiction flick suggests. And with over 7,000 square feet of space and popular movie franchises like ‘Star Wars: Secret of the Empire’, ‘Ralph Breaks VR’ and ‘Ghostbusters’, fans are adorned with choices that would leave a mark on their life. Bring your friends and families for this as there are group discounts available for the tickets.

Tickets (*Prices stated are as per entry):

Star Wars: Secret of the Empire & Ralph Breaks VR (RM130)

Ghostbusters & Nicodemus: Demon of Evanishment (RM60)

You can purchase the tickets online at


Another attraction that is worth visiting is the BigTop Video Games Park on Level 2. The 21,738-foot squared cavernous circus-themed space is a sweet reminiscent of our childhood carnival with kiosks peddling family-friendly games, redemption machines and gratifying video games. There is also an arcade boasting 150 machines with the best range of cutting-edge games for arcade lovers. Take a breather at BigTop and snap some Instagram-worthy shots in the beautiful and brightly lit area with hundreds of colourful light bulbs.

Again, tech nerds would surely be happy to know that more immersive VR technology is now being used in the local gaming industry. They should then hop onto the Spacetime Squad Virtual Reality that virtually transports players into a thrilling adventure of flying evil robot destroyers and shooting troops from all corners. There are also other exciting games available such as PacMan Battle Royale, the ever-classic Jurrasic Park and Star Wars Battle Pod that instantly make you feel like you are flying on one of the spacecrafts, just like in the movies.

The arcade utilises a cashless system with EziCash Card that can be purchased on the spot.

Eagle Landing Zipline

Feel the air brushing past your face while looking down to the glitzy glimmer of Skytropolis Funland Indoor Theme Park through the Eagle Landing Zipline. Stated as the longest indoor mall zipline in Malaysia, the zipline stretches 200 metres across Skytropolis, descending from the fourth to the second floor of the indoor theme park, right on the BigTop area. For first timers, the zipline is a perfect start as it is not as daunting as doing it outdoors. The tickets are sold at MYR31 for one rider, MYR25 per person for a couple, and MYR19 for each person in a group of four riders. Do take note that weight and height limits are applied to all for safety and health purposes.



One of the most anticipated section of the theme park would be the Imaginatrix area, opened in July 2019. This particular area is said to be a 5,000-square-foot VR wonderland, where participants can run, race, research and reveal a new world in the Imaginatrix VR arcade. The area is packed with leading technologies from countries like Europe, Canada, United Kingdom, South Korea, and Taiwan. With reality shattering machines like the Q-Ride and Paradrop VR experience, this arcade is said to teleport its participants into multiple virtual universes that are filled with thrilling simulations and adventures. Although it could not be opened in time for 2019 Chinese New Year break, this one will make your next visit to Genting mind-blowing

Skytropolis Funland Map

Skytropolis Funland Map


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