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About 129 kilometres – or roughly two and a half hours’ drive by car from Bangkok – sits Thailand’s third largest province called Kanchanaburi, a land covered with timber, evergreen forests and most famous natural wonders in the country. But having said that, Kanchanaburi’s greatest yet saddest draw probably comes from its deadliest tragedy: the

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After a long journey via bus, van and a ferry ride, we finally arrived at The Scent Hotel in Koh Samui, Thailand. I was amazed by the view of this colonial style building as I walked into its compound with picturesque view of the wide open sea and the sunset. The interior of the lobby is magnificent with calming and relaxing scent coming from every corner. This gorgeous luxurious boutique resort was an infinite satisfaction for the atrocious journey that we had.

New Urban Bolthole in Patong, Phuket Upon arriving in Phuket, particularly at the famous Patong beach, travellers are bound to be overwhelmed by the number of accommodation options available at the destination. For those who visit Phuket for the first time like the Gaya Travel team, nowhere else proves more accessible and well-appointed than The

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Having travelling almost a thousand kilometres (it takes only an hour by flight) to come to this land of white elephant, we are pleased to be greeted with sweetest smile of the Pimalai Resort and Spa at the airport. After a brief introduction of the whole crew of the trip, we were then fastidiously ushered to our ride to go to the jetty.