The Petrosains 25th Anniversary Carnival

The launcing of The Petrosains 25th Anniversary Carnival. Image by Petrosains.

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Highlights from The Petrosains 25th Anniversary Carnival

Petrosains buzzed with a variety of workshops, activities, and expert sessions centered around science, technology, and innovation over three eventful days.

Petrosains buzzed with a variety of workshops, activities, and expert sessions centered around science, technology, and innovation over three eventful days.

The journey to Petrosains, The Discovery Centre® in Suria KLCC proved to be an exhilarating departure from the ordinary, courtesy of the recent three-day Anniversary Carnival, which unfolded from 1st until 3rd of March 2024. This festive occasion commemorated the silver jubilee of this esteemed science hub that has captivated audiences since its inception on 25th March 1999.

Gaya Travel team seized the opportunity to partake in the carnival, graced by a member of the Petrosains Board of Directors, Tuan Syed M Muhafiz Syed M Bakar. The event pulsated with excitement, as visitors, particularly children accompanied by their parents, eagerly anticipated their entry into this bastion of scientific inquiry and technological marvels.

Petrosains 25th Anniversary campaign. Image by Petrosains.

Across the span of three eventful days, Petrosains reverberated with a cornucopia of workshops, activities, and expert sessions, all tethered to the realms of science, technology, and innovation. 30,000 visitors made it to this science centre, alongside the spirited engagement sessions at four satellite Petrosains PlaySmartTM centres held in Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu, Kuantan, and Kuching, underscoring Malaysia’s burgeoning interest in all things technology-driven and innovation-inspired, particularly among its youthful populace.

Petrosains 25th anniversary launch.
One of the exciting science shows at the Petrosains 25th Anniversary Carnival. Image by Petrosains.

As a gesture of appreciation towards its patrons, the first 25 visitors were bestowed with special gifts whereas 50 lucky attendees donned in the most imaginative science-themed costumes during the Night at the Science Centre event received special goodies. Furthermore, on Friday, 1st March, the centre extended its operational hours from 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on the first day of the carnival, ensuring ample time for visitors to immerse themselves in its wonders.

Adding a dash of novelty to the carnival, visitors were furnished with exclusive ‘passports’ — a veritable gateway to exploration, not only serving as navigational aids when visitors experience the myriad exhibits and gallery stations, but also as a delightful endeavour in stamp-collecting, whereby each station provided a unique mark of passage.

One of the highlights was the “Night at The Discovery Centre”, featuring a pulsating LED Light Drum Show, science show and an energetic performance by Insomniacks.

Petrosains 25th anniversary launch.
Maker Studio. Image by Petrosains

The Meet the Expert sessions allowed attendees to delve deep into subjects of interest, such as Algae Fuel of the Future, as showcased by PETRONAS during the carnival’s first day, with a keen emphasis on sustainability and carbon emissions mitigation.

The Science Show, on the other hand, boasted a diverse array of attractions, from the ecological insights of the Upcycling and Mangrove Show to the fundamental principles elucidated in the Cool Chemistry and Cryogenic Show, culminating in the cutting-edge demonstrations of the Drone and Laser Show.

Petrosains 25th anniversary launch.
Young visitors enjoying one of the exhibits at Petrosains. Image by Petrosains.

The festivities extended beyond mere observation, with hands-on artistic displays such as Batik Painting and Terrarium Building to entice participants of all ages. Meanwhile, the Infinity Illusion Booth, Caricature Artist, and interactive games provided ample entertainment, complemented by live performances by well-known artists like Neeta Manis and Sarah Suhairi.

The collaborative efforts with esteemed partners during the carnival were a testament to the centre’s commitment to providing an enriching science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning experience. Key collaborators, including Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP), Pusat Sains Negara, Aquaria, Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA), Pengurusan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd, and Grup Buku Karangkraf, also showcased their contributions at Petrosains.

Petrosains 25th anniversary launch.
Science Show. Image by Petrosains

Since its inception, Petrosains, a subsidiary of PETRONAS, Malaysia’s fully integrated progressive energy and solutions partner, has emerged as a beacon of discovery in Kuala Lumpur’s cultural landscape. Beyond its role in fostering a captivating STEM learning environment, it has garnered international acclaim, such as the Largest Participation in a Robotic Interactive Learning Event by Malaysia Book of Records for Petrosains RBTX Challenge 2023 and Creative Science Communication Awards by the Asia-Pacific Network of Science & Technology Centres (ASPAC) for Petrosains Show Competition 2014.

With a wealth of exhibits numbering close to 300, Petrosains beckons visitors to explore themed galleries spanning the cosmos, from Space all the way to the depths of geological time in Paleo to Petroleum, and even delving into the molecular marvels showcased in Sparkz.

The immersive experience extends to The Platform, providing a realistic offshore oil rig encounter, and the Molecule Nano World, unravelling the mysteries of chemistry and petrochemicals. Notably, the recent upgrade to SPEED! in January 2024 introduces a breathtaking replica of the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 W13, a testament to Petrosains’ commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation.

Petrosains’ dedication to sustainability echoes throughout its offerings, with attractions such as the Energy Capsule, which functions as a vehicle for illuminating the pressing issues and future challenges facing our planet.

The Sustainability Gallery further reinforces this commitment by educating visitors on greenhouse gas emissions reduction, exploring alternative energy sources, and presenting integrated solutions to meet global energy demands.

As Petrosains celebrates its 25th year, it remains steadfast in its mission to enhance STEM literacy across all strata of society, nurturing a culture of creativity and innovation driven by science and technology. In doing so, it plays a pivotal role in shaping the nation’s talent pool for future generations.

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