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There is a strong reason that people should explore more of South East Asia from August 2017 until the end of the year: the La Nina phenomenon, currently experienced in the Asia Pacific, brings more rain and reduce the development of the menacing haze in the region (Editor: let’s hope we don’t speak too soon…). And why not we celebrate this phenomenon by continuing to discover more of Australasia, particularly Malaysia?

Speaking of Malaysia, in this issue, we present several destinations that travellers should consider experiencing: Selangor’s Royal Town Klang (page 46), which is full of hidden gems; grandiosely planned Putrajaya (page 60) for a relaxing and family-friendly quick getaway; swimming amongst corals in Tioman (page 54); and follow the #SeaYouInSabah (page 78) trail that spans from Tawau to Kapalai, mixing both hinterland and sea. This is also the time of the year when travellers are urged to head out to the other islands on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia such as Perhentian and Redang before monsoon season begins in November.

But if you do have the opportunity and means to go further, why not witness how the Toraja people in Sulawesi honour their dead (page 34); learn about the Death Railway in Kanchanaburi (page 98); traverse the largest slum in the world in Mumbai (page 66); savour epicurean delights in South West of Western Australia (page 90); and get your tongue twisted when pronouncing Welsh names in Wales (page 72)? All these experiences will definitely leave you at awe and enriched.

So, with the haze expected to be absent this year, let us all celebrate by continuing to travel, and may you all have a safe one at that. See you all in the next issue…

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Cover Illustration by Emila Yusof

Issue 12.4

Front Cover Issue 12.4 – No Haze, Will Travel

Page 14. Editorial Jottings
Page 16. Bulletin

Page 25. Belum Beckons in Harmony

Page 34. Fancy a different kind of Staycation?

Page 36. Latest Recipe from Heaven

Page 38. A Day at the Museums

Page 40. Swasana Spa: The Art of Relaxation

Page 42. Sony α6300: Ready When You Are

Page 46. Klang: Taste of Heritage and Culinary #ETW5.0
Page 54. Tunamaya Coral Restoration Project
Page 60. 8 Ways to Play Tourist in Putrajaya
Page 66. Discovering Mumbai with Malindo Air
Page 72. Touched by The Beauty of Wales
Page 78. #SeaYouInSabah – From Sea Port Town to Floating Haven on Celebes Sea
Page 84. Transcendental Journey from Makassar to Toraja
Page 90. South West of Western Australia: The Door to Wonders
Page 98. Gazing on History at Kanchanaburi
Page 104. 10 Reasons to FLY to Bhubaneswar India

Page 110. LEGO® Star Wars Days 40th Anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope

Page 114. Marc Woo & Arved Von Zur Muehlen Matching Intent with Travel Services Online
Page 118. Jack Widagdo General Manager of Alila Solo Putting Solo on the Map

Page 124. Renaissance Kuala Lumpur: A Stay that is Beyond Ordinary
Page 128. The Best of Both Worlds at BELUM Rainforest Resort

Page 132. Tasia & Gracia Seger


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