The Ultimate Guide to Know about Traveling to China

Get to know the important aspects when traveling to China!

The Great Wall of China

Get to know the important aspects when traveling to China!

China is one among the fastest growing economies. The culture, as well as the history of China, is incredibly attractive as well as unique. Read on to learn about some important aspects when traveling to China!

The beauty of China ancient architecture

Top facts to know about traveling to China

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The popular hot tea in China

Important facts about the Chinese visa

Visa Express
Enjoy traveling to China with family & friends

When traveling to China, it is necessary to get a Chinese visa from here. The cost of this visa depends on nationality, the entry requirements, and the place where the visitor is heading to. There are different types of visas that are available.  It can be confusing to decide which one suits your purpose of traveling to China. 

The important documents needed for applying for visa are as below:

  1. The visa applicant must have an original passport that has the validity of at least six months before applying the visa. The passport must have at least two blank pages.
  2. You need both black and white photocopy of the passport along with the photo. Your passport size color photo must have a light background.
  3. Those who are applying for a Chinese visa outside the country of their citizenship, they need to show proof of their legal status in China.
  4. The application form for the Chinese visa must be completely filled. The same must be printed and signed.

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