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“Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics,” esteemed businessman Victor Pinchuk who was one of the “2010 Time 100 – The World’s Most Influential People” in Time Magazine once said. And the folk in Warner Music Malaysia, thinks so too.

Hence, in celebration of such power of fine art and creativity, Warner Music Malaysia has partnered with mapkl in organising a charity art jamming initiative on October 15th, 2017, at the Publika, with the theme “Sun Comes Up”, inspired by Rudimental’s new track featuring James Arthur under the same name.

The song is all about the band and the various struggles they’ve been through to overcome adversity to get to where they are today, making it an apt metaphor when it comes to spreading a banner of positivity and perseverance.

“Sun Comes Up” Charity Art Jam

“Sun Comes Up” Charity Art Jam

10 of talented fine artists got together on that day to paint the canvasses with their visual rendition of “Sun Comes Up“. Local musicians, moreover, liven up the event with their very own cover of Rudimental’s “Sun Comes Up” and various other songs to create a positive and enjoyable ambience for the crowd who attended the event. The fun extended to children with plenty of activities such as soap bubble and colouring all revolving around the theme of positivity.

The 10 finished art pieces are currently up for auction and the art work are being displayed at Publika’s Black Bridge, Level G3 above the information counter. Generous donors can bid for the painting physically via the bid forms situated with the paintings or on online through this website:

All proceeds will be donated to SUKA Society which aims to protect and to preserve the best interests of children. They are currently focusing on a project that provides training, support, and resources for the indigenous communities to self-start their own pre-school education classes.

“Sun Comes Up” Charity Art Jam

“Sun Comes Up” Charity Art Jam

“Sun Comes Up“ Charity Art Jam was made possible with the supports by Publika Shopping Gallery, Premier Art, and JKids. To join in this positive movement with Rudimental’s song “Sun Comes Up” featuring James Arthur, you can stream it here.


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