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Kuala Lumpur, 12 July 2017 – Club Med, a world-renowned parent and child resort group, has recently announced that it has launched a new summer camp for kids from 4 to 11 years old in 9 beautiful Asian resorts from now till August 31. There, children will be taken good care of by international G.Os, participate in fun and creative games, and learn new things whilst making new friends.

Curious Kids Experiencing Fun and Educational Activities

This summer, all “Young creators” aged between 4 to 11 years-old are welcomed at Club Med to experience our premium “all-inclusive” holiday through ‘Fun and Educational’ activities, make new friends and learn new skills. They will take part in exciting treasure hunts on the beach, create colorful sand paintings and learn how to build artistic sand castles, as well as participate in thrilling water sports and sand Olympic Games. Admire your kids become young creators, explorers, sport captains, actors and much more! They will receive an official Club Med Certificate at the end of the Camp.


  • Fun games (For kid aged 4 to 7)
    Energetic Kids can enjoy water sports and games such as Treasure Hunting, boat competitions. They are sure to have a great time!
  • Sport activities (For kids aged 4 to 11)
    Under the professional supervision of our G.Os, kids will build sand castles in the beach, enjoy fun pool competitions, play sand volleyball games and join our special Sand Olympic Games.
  • Skills and education (For kids aged 4 to 11)
    At this age, kids just want to explore the world. G.Os will be leading fun workshops for children to experiment and learn about natural elements. They’ll learn how to make glass from sand, explore ways to purify water using sand, and build sand timers as well as study plants and animals living in the sand. They will enjoy fun ways to learn about their environment and nature.

In addition to all these activities, kids will also be able to see true sand art. We will invite dedicated sand artists G.O.s during summer camp so that kids can learn how to make beautiful sand sculptures! They will also be able to draw their own personalized messages on the beach. Sand games will be at the center of learning, fun and activities this summer, for kids to make the most of their beach holiday.

Meanwhile, we offer a lot of parent-child interaction at Club Med summer camp for kids and their parents. We invite parents and kids to get together and enjoy games by the pool, such as inflatable boat races and water balloon activities, which will enable bonding time and create magical moments you’ll all remember.

Different Resorts, Different Features

We’re excited to share resorts participating in our summer camp with you. Amongst them is Sanya, our tropical paradise is ranked #1 out of 1,315 hotels and resorts on TripAdvisor. Families will be amazed by the perfectly preserved lush greens and stunning beach! Guilin has a unique breathtaking site with stunning limestone peaks, mirror-like rivers and more than 100 internationally renowned art pieces. Cherating Beach, Malaysia is the winner of Trip Advisor Travelers’ Choice in 2017. You will wake up in the jungle with monkeys at your window, and will be able to try the tree top adventure course. Other resorts include Bali and Bintan Island (Indonesia), Phuket (Thailand), Kani (Maldives), La Plantation d’Albion and La Pointe aux Cannoniers (Mauritius).

This summer your little ones (4 to 11 year-old) will broaden their horizons in an international environment and learn new skills thanks to fun and educational activities around the themes of sand & water. We have concocted a truly unique Summer Camp. Thanks to our unique program and our professional GOs (gentle organizers, Club Med staff), your kids are guaranteed to learn new skills while having fun. Club Med, where motherhood becomes a child play.


Savings up to 45% when you book during Summer Camp period

In conjunction with Summer Camp, Club Med is offering savings of up to 40% at Club Med Cherating Beach, Bintan and Bali, whereas Club Med Kani overwater suite is offering savings of up to 45%.

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