By Muhammad Hasif Mohd Jelani on February 14, 2019


Being the third largest state in Malaysia, Pahang undoubtedly has a lot to offer. From natural wonders including pristine islands and beaches, lush tropical rainforests and mountains to heavenly cuisines and premier family-entertainment getaways, travellers are bound to be enchanted by this state, located along Peninsular Malaysia’s east coast.

Together with other members of media, we recently participated in a three-day-two-night familiarisation trip called ‘Discovery West of Pahang 2018’ organised by Tourism Malaysia East Region Office. The trip focussed on three destinations namely Janda Baik, Genting Highlands and Bentong.

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Tiarasa Escapes

A new resort-on-the-block, Tiarasa Escapes was inspired by Malaysia’s famous actress, Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina. The resort is proud of its ability to ‘redefine glamping’ (glamor camping) in a dreamy, garden-like setting surrounded by pristine tropical vegetation, making it an ideal staycation option among couples and families alike. It has 20 tented and five treetop villas, each exclusively designed with Puan Sri Tiara’s personal touches for guests’ personalised and memorable comfort.



Grand Ion Delemen Genting Highlands

This property, which sits at an elevation of 1,740 metres in Genting Highlands, boasts 611 well-appointed rooms, all equipped with contemporary furnishing. Travellers are bound to be captivated by the stunning view of one of the world’s oldest rainforests surrounding the hotel, which can be seen from its guestrooms and signature restaurants like Hugo in the Sky and Kembali Kitchen.

Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm

Since strawberries are synonymous with highland destinations including Genting Highlands, visiting strawberry farms to pluck the fruit and savouring it is a must! Plucking the strawberries, however, is strictly dependent on seasons and the farm’s cultivation process. More than just a strawberry farm, the family-friendly Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm also offer many types of flowers, including lavender garden, which are all Instagram-worthy.

Entrance fees: MYR12 (Adult) / MYR8 (Child)


Acacia Retreat

Acacia Retreat

Acacia Retreat


Not only an accommodation, Acacia Retreat is pretty much a destination best suited for family or friends gathering. It has plenty of room options such as Wood Shelter, Red Brickade, The Simpleton, Bachelor Pad, The Mansion and even Metal Hub, which is a room housed within an unused bus, including The Smurf with accommodations resembling adorable-looking abodes inspired from the movie of the same name. Guests can participate in various outdoor activities such as fishing, jungle-trekking, gardening, ATV-riding, and tug-of-war, besides traditional games like batu Seremban, congkak, gasing (top-spinning) and tinting (hopscotch).

Bentong Gallery

Also acts as a tourist information centre, this gallery tells the history of Bentong town from its humble beginning as a mining area to this day. It also pays tribute to local prominent figures who developed Bentong in the past such as Loke Yew and showcases the background of Bentong’s cultural and historical heritage. There is also a café and souvenir shop where travellers can buy Bentong-made products, including the signature Bentong ginger.

Where to eat near West Pahang

C’Wok Café Temerloh

Famous for Pahang’s most loved dish, ikan patin masak tempoyak (silver catfish cooked in yellow curry with fermented durian), this restaurant owned by Rojemah Husin began its operation since 2006 by selling only three catfish, around three kilograms in total. Now, the restaurant could take order up to as much as 60 kilograms per day during school holidays. Other dishes worth trying are daging salai (smoked meat), ayam kampung (fried chicken), lampam goreng (fried tinfoil barb fish) and ulam (traditional salads).

Gaya Travel Magazine expresses our heartfelt gratitude to Tourism Malaysia East Region Office for making the writer’s trip to West Pahang possible. For more information about travel packages to West Pahang, please visit


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